Who is Whispering in Your Ear

by Get Dream Life • July 27, 2016 •

This is a great article from Joe Garcia. So powerful and so overlooked. Enjoy!

Many years ago I had a defining moment in my Network Marketing (NM) career which changed everything for me. It was so clear to me, if I wanted to change personally where I was financially, my lifestyle, my relationships I needed to do this!

“I stopped taking financial advice from people that were broke.”

I Stopped taking advice from people who never build a serious residual income in 1 company for more than 5 years. I stopped getting health tips from unhealthy people. I stopped taking relationship advice from people with toxic or boring relationships and I stopped looking for spiritual guidance from people that couldn’t demonstrate to me that they were attracting what they were preaching.

It sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?

But take a look at how often you take advice from people who have not who don’t walk the talk. How many times have we seen people in our industry get excited when they started their business only to quit a few days later because they spoke to their broke family member who never had any history of success in business.

I follow the rule that “if they don’t SHOW it, they don’t KNOW it”

and I learned to stay away from these people like they had the plague particularly when I was trying to establish myself in the industry of Network Marketing. We certainly have an epidemic in the business world where people are professing that they are the experts, they have learned to brand themselves real well. I am all for branding yourself it is good marketing strategy, but keep in mind be careful who you are taking advice from.

Instead, I found people who had manifested what I desired

and ask them for help. These are what we call mentors. It is critical in the business world, particularly in Network Marketing to have a mentor. You surround yourself with the best you become the best.

The best part of the “advice” I am giving you right now is that you can prove this to yourself!



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