Proud to be an Independent Distributor of a world class company with global presence


Do you know what it means to have Dream Life?

Living the Best Life means Excellent Health, Better Financial Potential, Enriching Personal Relationships and the freedom to spend YOUR time enjoying what makes you happy... we call that a Dream Life!

Get Dream Life (GDL) welcomes to the world of opportunity and infinite potential for a great life. Yes, we mean it, 'Infinite Human Potential'. If you're worried about job security, interested in extra income opportunities or looking for a change in your professional career, your worries stop here. You are at the right place. This is the time to start your own business, be your own boss, choose your time of working and Live Your Dream Life. Get what you deserve, more than you expect.

GDL is promoting a great network marketing opportunity which is making entrepreneurs around the world over last 15 years. Enjoy peace of mind and be stress free by earning a second income easily promoting products you use every day.

GDL is proud to work with NHT Global as an independent distributor. Learn more about this exciting opportunity on our site. And Yes, don't hesitate to contact us if need assistance.



About NHT Global

  • Proven company with a record breaking 15+ years history
  • Revolutionary e-commerce business model that is the envy of the industry
  • Currently operating in more than 38 countries and shipping product into more than 50
  • High impacting products promoting a healthy lifestyle
  • A balanced healthy lifestyle created through improved
    • Physical health
    • Emotional health
    • Financial health
  • Training system in place to ensure your success

NHT Global mission is to improve the way you feel- about yourself and about work. Providing effective, quality-of-life products for our customers and possibly the most lucrative compensation plan ever for the members and committed to the wellness of people across the globe.

History of NHT Global

  • Started in 2001, global headquarters in Los Angeles, California
  • To date, global sales are regularly increasing and growing at a record pace
  • Financial stable and carrying a legacy of 15+ years old company
  • Facts about the high impacting and high quality products:
    • Contain nobel prize winning research
    • Proprietary formulas developed to satisfy your wants
    • Are consumable, highly marketable and priced right
    • Developed loyal customers who know & love NHT global
  • Seamless global compensation plan that has:
    • Developed many successful individuals
    • Allowed to become entrepreneurs with their efforts and company's support

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How Get Dream Life can Help

We are team of professional believe in your success is our success . Will provide you all possible support like:

  • Training to understand the business in detail
  • Marketing platform and all possible tools to get success faster
  • Direct contact with founding members and top leaders committed to your success
  • All support to open new market or country where you can become pioneer

NHT Global Core strengths !



World class unique, scientific and patented product line



Amazing opportunity to create wealth for you and your generations



Industry top leaders available to help you at every step