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NHT Homme Refreshing Cleanser and After-Shave Repairing Aqua Gel

Men are increasingly paying attention to their personal appearance to look attractive and well groomed. Being well-groomed is seen by many men as a key way to boost confidence – an attractive appearance affects promotions and success in the professional world and helps many men reach their personal goals.

The condition of your skin can directly affect your personal appearance and how others perceive you. Good skin makes a good first impression because it shows that you are clean and tidy, trustworthy, and healthy. However, men often do not maintain a proper daily skin care routine because they think it’s too complicated and time-consuming. Over time, a lack of proper daily skin care can lead to various skin problems and hurt one’s overall appearance.

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To meet these needs, NHT Global developed NHT Homme, a skin care line specifically for men. The NHT Homme line features highly effective male-specific products in an easy-to-use 2 step routine that takes no more than 5 minutes, to help you maintain good skin, boost your confidence and professionalism, and bring you more opportunities for success!

Common Facial Skin Conditions for Men

  • Oily skin – constantly shiny skin that may become more oily at certain times of the day, prone to large, clogged pores and the occasional outbreak of acne or blackheads.
  • Rough skin – in comparison to women’s skin, the skin texture is rougher for men and the Stratum Corneum is thicker.
  • Dull color – oxidation of excessive secretion of oilafter will make skin the skin look dull, greasy and
  • Redness or irritation after shaving – razor burn or bumps and dry, itchy skin are common results from shaving. Anyone who shaves will experience skin irritation after shaving, which can be caused by dull razors, dry skin or skin sensitivity.
  • Cleanse & Repair 2-step RoutineStep 1: NHT Homme Refreshing CleanserThis rich and delicate cleansing foam can penetrate deep into the pores, dissolve and remove dirt.
    • Weak acidic formula with a pH level similar to the skin’s natural pH level
    • Rich in amino acids, mild, and hypoallergenic
    • Small blue particles help exfoliate aging skin

    Step 2: NHT Homme After-Shave Repairing Aqua Gel

    Combines  After-Shave Repair and Moisturization into one

    A variety of botanical ingredients help soothe and repair sensitive, irritated skin after shaving and also moisturizes.

    • Formulated with Chamomile flower water, Aloe vera and other plant-based ingredients
    • Unique gel texture that is easy to apply and absorb
    • Non-alcoholic, mild/low stimulation to skin
    • Combines your after-shave repair and facial moisturizer into one tube

  • Direction of Use

    • NHT Homme Refreshing Cleanser

      Dispense a small amount into palm of hand and work into a lather with water. Gently massage over face with fingertips in a circular motion, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry.

    • NHT Homme After-Shave Repairing Aqua Gel

      Apply liberally to face and neck. Avoid contact with eyes

  • Cautions

    • For external use only
    • Please stop using immediately and consult a physician if you experience an allergic reaction to this product
    • Keep out of reach of children