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Q: What is clear Sen™ air purifier advantages and characteristics?

A: The main factor to judge the pros and cons of air purifiers are: filter and duct. Qing Sen ™ air purifier total of six heavy filter can also filter pollution particles, chemicals, bacteria, viruses and the like. With good duct design, so that the entire indoor air can circulate into the machine cleaned and then discharge cycles than four weeks. Our CADR value is 440m³ / h. CADR is clean air output ratio, is to show the effectiveness of the air purifier’s main index, the designated institution laboratory testing, represents an air purifier can clean much air per hour. The higher the value, the better performance.


Q: How often the filter needs to be replaced once?

A: 3M Super HEPA filter life ranging from six months to one year, download mobile APP, the above “filter remaining amount”, that is, the net loss situation HEPA, used routinely changed twice a year; Korea high density activated carbon filter replaced once a year; nano Photocatalyst filter general two years to replace a time; UV ultraviolet lamp life is generally more than 8000 hours.

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Q: What are the environmental air quality must be optimized?

A: newly renovated rooms with children and senior citizens residence, have asthma, allergies staff accommodations, pet accommodation, more closed or residence of passive smoking, there are pregnant women, newborns residence, which ambient air under severe threat, easy endanger human health.


Q: But my room is only 20 square meters, an area of 45 square meters purification if later Qing Sen ™ air purifier is not a waste it?

A: Qing Sen ™ air purifier is used when less than 45 square meters room, the air purifier will be faster, after a certain time to maintain a reduced amount of wind, not wasted.


Q: Use clear Sen ™ air purifier can opening the window?

A: We recommend that you close windows and doors when using the air purifier. As window will be outdoor dust, pollen, car exhaust and other pollutants into the interior, invalid consumed filter.


Q: When can use sleep Qing Sen ™ air purifier it?

A: In sleep, the immune system is depressed state, then viruses, bacteria and harmful substances will be easier to swoop in, invade and harm the human body. In addition, people in the bed rest, especially at night, have a habit of doors and windows closed, which also makes the air in the bedroom relatively closed, continuous dissemination of harmful gases and hazardous substances are not timely and adequate diffusion concentration more often than during the day time window ventilation is much higher, the high concentration of pollutants harmful to human health caused by accumulation of very serious injury. Therefore, we recommend the best evening purifier move the bedroom to use, so you can easily sleep with clean air.


Q: How to replace the filter?

A: Qing Sen ™ air purifier filter replacement procedure is very quick and easy, you just open the door at the front of the machine to replace the corresponding filter (* Use clear Sen ™ air purifier filter criteria)