NHT Global Compensation Plan
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Since you have basic understanding of Basic Terminologies used in NHT Global world in Opportunity page. Let’s Understand it’s Compensation or Earning Plan in detail.

As you start your network marketing business, it helps to know how much you can earn. This can also be a great way to understand how you can leverage your individual strengths to make money (e.g. some people are good at building networks, others are better at retailing).

NHT Global’s Compensation Plan is an industry benchmark. The plan is now being adopted by new companies in this domain as case of how a company can grow fast while helping its distributors also become successful through the network marketing business.

Key Features of Industry Leading Compensation Plan

  • No expiry of Bonus Volume (BV)
  • Cycle Bonus Weekly Potential at US$ 50,000 (one of the Top in the Industry)
  • Unlimited Depth Income (Infinite Binary Plan)
  • No Monthly Targets or Minimum Purchase*
  • Highest Commission from Day 1 (No Waiting Period or Level Based Commission Plan)
True Financial Potential with Unmatched Compensation Plan


Highlights of NHT Global Compensation Plan

  • NHT Global compensation plan allows you to earn a maximum of US$ 50,000 per week.
  • NHT Global has helped over a dozen individuals become big earners in the last year alone.
  • NHT Global allows you to earn 20% on your weak leg (will share shortly what weak & strong leg is all about), other companies allow a maximum of 10%.
  • NHT Global does not set weekly or monthly targets*, so you can grow your business at your own pace. No pressure, you are your boss.
  • NHT Global also does not take back or expire any unclaimed points (called Business Volume or BV) in your sales, you can redeem your BVs whenever you want to. In most companies, you lose your BVs if not claimed or if you do not hit your targets.

NHT Global Compensation Plan Offers You 4 Ways to Earn


Retail Profits/Income

As an NHT Global Distributor, you may purchase products at wholesale and resell them at retail, thereby earning retail profits. With your own e-commerce site, you can also do retail sales worldwide.

Direct Sales Commission & Generation Bonus

Earn Direct Sales Commissions on the bonus volume generated by every personally sponsored Distributor, up to three levels deep in your Generation Tree.

Cycle Bonus (The Two-Team Infinity Compensation System)

You may begin to develop two teams under you by introducing others to NHT Global and our wonderful products and opportunity. As they register under you, you will develop a Left Sales Team and a Right Sales Team. You can earn income based on the product sales till infinity level.

Matching Bonus

Earn bonuses on commission cycle bonus earned through your personally sponsored downline up to three levels deep in your Generation Tree.

Besides these the company has Recognition Programs to encourage growth of the business, trips to exotic locations, extra monetary incentives and many more.

Let’s understand each Earning Type in detail.


Type 1

Retail Profits/Income

All of us know of a retail grocery store in our area. The shopkeeper makes retail income on whatever she/he sells. They buy products at wholesale price and sell at a retail price, the difference is their profit.


Profit = Retail Price – Wholesale Price

An NHT Global Distributor can make following profit depending on membership level:


Membership Level Profit Margin (Discount %)
Gold 34%
Sliver 11%
Bronze 3%

There are countless ways in which you can sell products to clients as a retailer (NHT Global Leaders will train you how to do this, you do not have to be a marketing expert to start earning). Many NHT Global distributors earn good retail income per month just by doing retailing just by showing demo of products.

Retail Income is one of the fastest ways to start earning with NHT Global. You’ve heard of Amazon, e-Bay, or Any other E-Commerce site, etc., NHT Global allows you to set up your own website through which you can sell all NHT Global products online worldwide where NHT Global is physically present.


The beauty of NHT Global’s retail option is that you can do retailing from the comfort of your home and at your time with various features like:


  • Your own E-Commerce website (that allows you to sell products online)
  • Set up a global business (E-Commerce website is available in 18 languages, so you can do business in countries even where you do not know the language)
  • Easy ordering, billing and shipping (You do not need to store products, manage employees or logistics. NHT Global helps you with everything)

Type 2

Direct Sales Commission & Generation Bonus

If you have great products, you can make good money just through Retail Income. NHT Global allows you to earn a solid recurring income through other earning options.

One of the key levers in Network Marketing, is your NETWORK. You do not work alone, you build a team that works with you, and who you work for to help each other grow together.

At NHT Global, you can create two teams under you (we call this the Binary Plan). You earn a percentage of their purchases depending on your Membership Level.

Let us see how the Binary Teams look like. You need to understand concept of Level 1, 2 & 3 sponsored members.

Team Member Sponsor Level Colour Commission % of Bonus Volume Generated by Your Team
Gold Silver Bronze
Level 1   10% 5% 3%
Level 2   5% 3% -
Level 3   3% - -


Commission Table

Understanding Sponsored Levels – In the above image, let us say you are building your binary team (Left & Right Side Teams) with NHT Global. You sponsored Jane and John. Since you directly sponsored them, they are your Level 1 sponsored (Blue Colour) team members.

Now Jane started working in your team and sponsored Susan and Lee. Susan and Lee will be your Level 2 sponsored (Green Colour) team member (as they were sponsored by someone you sponsored).

If Susan sponsors someone, let us say Chris. Chris will be your Level 3 sponsored team member. Similarly, Derek and Ali will be your Level 3 sponsored (Orange Colour) team members.

You further worked on your network and added Mike & Ravi to your network. Both of them will continue to be your level 1 sponsored team members. You can directly sponsor anywhere in your Binary tree.

You earn the most from your directly sponsored team members. You will also earn from your level 2 and level 3 team members even if it is not directly sponsored by you.

This income type gives you commission on purchase made by your 3 level down team members. Earn Direct Sales Commissions on the bonus volume generated by every personally sponsored Distributor, and up to three levels deep in your Generation Tree.

The following table shows what percentage (%) of purchases you will earn from your Level 1, 2 & 3 sponsored team members. The earning will depend on your own Membership Rank, viz. Gold, Silver or Bronze.

Note: These commission will come life time purchases from your 3 level team.

Team Member Sponsor Level % of Bonus Volume Generated (Product Purchase)
Gold Silver Bronze
Level 1 10% 5% 3%
Level 2 5% 3% -
Level 3 3% - -


You will notice that earnings are maximized if you are a Gold Rank distributor. Similarly you may encourage your team members to join as Gold member or become one.

We are only half way through with the NHT Global earning potential. Read more to see how you can continue to earn with NHT Global.

Type 3

Cycle Bonus (The Two-Team Infinity Compensation System)

Cycle Bonus allows you to benefit from the activity of your two teams in the binary structure. Every time someone on your team buys a product (directly or if someone buys through e-commerce website), you are generating Bonus Volume (BV).

The powerful NHT Global compensation plan (Cycle Bonus) allows you to make money out of the purchases (BVs) of your entire network. Which means that you earn a percentage of the income of ALL your team members (irrespective of level of sponsorship) without any limit on the levels. Yes, beyond 3 level, even if it is 10th, 100th or 1000th level down, does not matter, you earn Cycle Bonus.

Hence the NHT Global binary plan is also called the Infinite binary plan as it allows you to earn upto infinite level of your team members.

BV generated can be seen on your online account. Unlike other network marketing companies, BV generated by a NHT Global distributor does not lapse. Which means your effort never goes waste or expires. You can build business at your pace.

So how does earning actually happen in this option?

Let us go back to our example that we saw a while ago. The two teams are called Left Team & Right Team.



Cycle Bonus Table(Example)

Each week, system calculates your Left and Right team BV generated. If 2500 BV in Left and 1250 in Right side is accumulated then 1 CYCLE gets completed. This combination can happen from any side, even if you accumulate 2500 in your Right and 1250 BV in your Left, again it is one cycle completed. Any exceeding BV on any side pass on to next week for re-calculation.

Left Side Team (BV Generated) Right Side Team (BV Generated) Cycle Completed Carry Over BV for Next Week
2500 BV 1250 BV 1 0 BV
5000 BV 2750 BV 2 250 BV (From Right Side)
10150 BV 5350 BV 4 150 BV (Left) & 350 BV (Right)
10150 BV 2750 BV 2 5150 BV (Left) & 250 (Right)


BVs are generated and can be tracked on the online system. For every completed Cycles you make money depending upon your distributor rank (Gold, Silver or Bronze)

No. of Cycles Amount Earned on Cycle Completion
Gold Silver Bronze
1 Cycle US $ 250 US $ 125 US $ 62.50
2 Cycle US $ 500 US $ 250 US $ 125
5 Cycle US $ 1250 US $ 625 US $ 315.50
10 Cycle US $ 2500 US $ 1250 US $ 625

You earn a percentage of your weaker leg (in above cycle bonus example table, in first row, the right leg is the weak leg). The plan allows you to earn upto 20% of your weak leg if you are on Gold Rank Membership. 20% of 1250BV = US$ 250.

Distributors with large teams can complete multiple cycles every week, day or even hour. Today multiple NHT Global distributors are earning thousands of US Dollars per week through CYCLE BONUS.

NHT Global caps cycle bonus at US$ 50,000/- per week. This is one of top in the industry. This means you can earn up to US$ 200,000 per month only through cycle bonus.

If you think this is a lot of money, the best part is yet to come.

Type 4

Matching Bonus

The Matching Bonus plan is like icing on the cake. As you build your own team, all your team members will also start earning in their own capacity as NHT Global distributors. Many of them will earn through the Cycle Bonus as well.

NHT Global allows you to earn a percentage of the Cycle Bonus earned by your team members (on level 1, 2 & 3), this is called Matching Bonus. You earn a matching percentage of their Cycle income.

As per the Team Diagram below, if your Level 1, 2 & 3 sponsors made the US$ 10,000, US$ 5000 and US $ 1000 respectively, your matching bonus income will be as follows assuming you are a Gold rank distributor.


Matching Bonus shown here is for Gold Rank Distributor


Your 3 Level Team Members Sponsored Level Team Members Cycle Bonus Income Matching Bonus % Matching Bonus Amount
Jane Level 1 US $ 10,000 10% US $ 1,000
Lee Level 2 US $ 5,000 5% US $ 250
Ali Level 3 US $ 1,000 3% US $ 30
Total Matching Bonus Income US $ 1,280

Above example shows you the power of matching bonus with just 3 team members and you directly sponsored just one member (Jane). Think the income level if you have 100s of team members. It is amazing to see income growing automatically.

The following table shows what percentage (%) of Matching Bonus (on Team Member Cycle Bonus Earning) you will earn from your Level 1, 2 & 3 sponsored team members. The earning will depend on your own Membership Rank, viz. Gold, Silver or Bronze. It is same % like Generation Bonus Income.

Team Member Sponsor Level % of Matching Bonus Payout
Gold Silver Bronze
Level 1 10% 5% 3%
Level 2 5% 3% -
Level 3 3% - -

So you can see that the powerful NHT Global compensation plan allows you to earn in 4 very effective ways. You can earn in all of these ways simultaneously and multiply your earning effectively. This required effort initially and later it goes very smooth.

With this compensation plan, you make money while you sleep because somewhere your team is working, you make money not just in your city, your state or your country, you make worldwide as your team grows in different part of world. Everybody in your team contributes to you income even you know them or not.

Think going on vacation for 2 months and your monthly income is credited in your bank. This is called DREAM LIFE!

Reach out to us via Contact Page for any assistance or queries to better understand compensation plan. We are happy to help and see you grow.

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*There are few countries where monthly purchase qualification applies but very nominal and easy ways to achieve compared to industry. Contact us for more details.

“All references to income, implied or stated, in the NHT Global Compensation Plan are indicative. NHT Global and Get Dream Life do NOT guarantee that anyone will earn any level of income or any income at all. Earnings from the NHT Global Compensation Plan, if any, will depend solely on each person’s effort, skill, and ability.”