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After 10 years in the corporate world and two years in private business, I lost everything. My personal business had gone into bankruptcy, the company I had joined went under after 90 days, my wife left me, and I ended up in the hospital for two months. When I got out I had to move back home with my parents for support and went on government assistance. That’s when I was introduced to this industry. The key was I found an opportunity and a teacher. My mentor was living the life I could only dream of and he was barely 25 years old. I was extremely hungry, ready to go to work and became a student again.
I had tremendous success!!!
But it all went to another level when my business partner and I decided to join NHT Global in 2001.
It wasn’t easy, but we had tremendous faith, hope, belief and vision…………and we just wouldn’t quit or give up.
It all paid off and so, so much more……..
Not only did my partner and I make millions and put us into multi million dollar homes in two countries, it secured our families forever. In achieving this the huge blessing was to serve………. helping more than 40 other people in NHT Global earn more than a million dollars………as well as assist countless thousands around the world create freedom, develop a healthier lifestyle and change their lives for the better…………..forever!

Joe Garcia

I had a defining moment in my life. I was frustrated because I knew the path I was on in life was not going to get me to the life I wanted. One day everything changed for me and I wrote down in detail what my life was going to look like 10 years into the future. I detailed the places I would visit the family life I would have, and I realized after reviewing these goals that I wanted FREEDOM and to get FREEDOM I needed to find something that would pay me residual income. A few weeks later I was in my local library and a gentleman walked up to me and introduced me to network marketing. That day my life changed. I came to realize when you are focused on what you want with energy the universe will bend to your needs. Immediately, I realized that the secret to success in network marketing is to surround myself with successful people and find mentors who had successfully achieved similar goals that I had set for myself. I believe that because of this mindset, I quickly started to reach my goals. The lifestyle that I dreamed of has been realized here with NHT Global — exotic family trips, a beautiful vacation home, and most importantly FREEDOM. My NHT Global organization spans the globe. I am excited about the incredible growth and the corporate-wide goal of becoming a billion dollar company.

Garth Wright

I always desired to travel the world, own a business, and have financial freedom, but growing up in a very poor family in America didn’t make me a good prospect for achieving such high goals. It was through my reading of the Bible and the works of Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill, and Zig Zigler, that I was inspired to create and visualize in my heart and mind the life I would like to have. In 2004, while living in Europe, I flew to Dallas and NHT Global Headquarters and I could see that the products, marketing plan, and leadership were exactly what I needed to achieve my dreams!
I returned to Europe and pioneered some countries in that market, which led to millions of dollars in sales in many markets around the world. But we have so many cities and countries yet to launch! If you want to be first where you live and you are very serious about success and making your dreams come true, I’d love to talk to you. Through NHT Global I have an amazing lifestyle, I met my wonderful wife and together we volunteer in Christian ministry to try to help orphan kids in many countries. I’m very, very thankful to my NHT Global mentors and friends, Dan Catto and Joe Garcia, Europe corporate staff Maja Spindler, Antonietta Rispoli, and Ana Krivic for their support, and for the NHT Global opportunity. Come join us!

Tomas Knapek

I spent most of my working life in traditional business and was more or less happy climbing up the career ladder. I realised one day that the ladder was leaning against the wrong wall! I thought that I was successful because I was moving up, but I never thought of what success meant to me and what I really wanted to achieve in life. I was just getting by, working very hard for someone else’s dreams and not my own. 

A few years ago I was introduced to this business. At first I didn’t understand much; it was all so different and confusing, but I soon learned how simple and easy it could be if I just followed the system. I was introduced to the power of personal development, and suddenly saw that I could design my future in advance! I became a vivid student of this system and soon started to teach this to all who would listen.
 Today I travel from the the U.K. to Scandinavia, from the Baltics to Moscow, from Siberia to the East Coast of Russia! I have discovered the secret of success and I know it’s possible for all who have a burning desire to do the same.

Dalibor Strop

Dalibor Štrop is one of the top Leaders for the new markets of central Europe, Asia, Africa. His background is in marketing and advertising. He lived a few years in Kiev, Ukraine working in international advertising agencies (J.W. Thompson, Euro RSCG). Subsequently he returned back to Prague to establish his own advertising agency oriented to local clients. Dalibor always wanted to help other people grow. And now it is easier then ever for him to help other people to run their own multimillion Dollar companies. He cooperates with Tomas, Joe and other MLM team members from all around the world. Dalibor is married to a Ukrainian wife living in Prague.

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If you possess the same this opportunity is same and your life will not be same ever again.

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