Follow 2 steps process to become an Independent Distributor of NHT Global if it is new Market.
Grab the opportunity to become Pioneer.

Step 1. Register on Foreign Shopper Website to obtain a local US Address [ ]

  • By registering on Foreign Shopper, it provides you a virtual address in USA.
  • Your product gets delivered from NHT to this address. You need to enter your local country address where the products needs to be finally delivered.
  • Foreign Shopper notifies you on email when the product reach to them with payment link.
  • Once you make the payment online on Foreign Shopper, they deliver it to your address in the country you want to start NHT Global business.

Step 2. Register as an INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR on NHT Global

  • You can register thru sponsor link provided below on this page in Step 2.
  • While registering, you need to put your US address on NHT distributor sign up page. (it is the same address you received in step 1)



Step 1 Instructions: Register on ‘Foreign Shopper’ Site

Step 1A Log on to

Step 1B Select your plan: Recommended plan is ‘Basic’

Step 1C Enter Your Information [As Requested on the Page]

Step 1D One Time Registration Nominal Fees Payment [No Action Required, if Free Offer Running]

Step 1E Confirmation Screen will Appear [Enter the Security Code and Confirm]

Step 1F Following ‘Registration Completed’ screen will appear [No Action Required]

Step 1G Foreign Shopper will approve your account within 24 hours

  • You will be assigned with a ‘Suite ID’ in Foreign Shopper warehouse.
  • Details will be sent to you on your email account once approved.
  • You can also see all details in your Foreign Shopper account after login.
  • You need to enter your Foreign Shopper address with your Suite ID in NHT Global Distributor Registration site.
  • Foreign Shopper will notify you once your NHT Package/Product reach to them.
  • You need to make payment on Foreign Shopper for shipping to your respective country.
  • You may write to following ID for shipping instructions:



Step 2 Register as NHT Global Independent Distributor

Step 2A Click on the Box below to go on Sign up page and follow the steps given from Step 2B. Your sponsor will be ‘Get Dream Life’ (GDL Team).

Step 2B Select Your Country [if country not listed then select ‘United States’]

Step 2C Select the Package for your Distributorship Level

Step 2D Enter Personal and Billing Information

Step 2E Make Payment

  • After making the payment, you will immediately become the distributor of NHT Global. You will receive an email with details.
  • Login with your distributor ID and password to check your back office.
  • You may check your delivery of package/product & all other growing business details from back office.


Reach out to us via Contact Page for any assistance or queries. We are happy to help and see you grow.