How can I buy products?

Choose the product as per your need and follow the instructions when you click on Buy Product button.

I have specific question about a product?

Please feel free to write to us using Contact page. We will revert to you at earliest.

How much I can earn?

The answer is You! It depends on work and effort you do. It is not quick rich scheme. It needs patience and learning. All the leaders in this company who are earning more than a dream income did not reach here in one day. It took time, effort and more over willingness to reach success. Believe in you and start your journey.

Do I need to do monthly purchase or minimum buying qualification each month?

No company does not have any monthly purchase in most of the countries. There are few countries where monthly purchase qualification applies but very nominal and easy ways to achieve compared to industry. Contact us for more details.

How can I become distributor in country where NHT Global is not present?

CIf NHT Global is not present in your country, we see as an opportunity for you to become pioneer and top leader. Please follow the steps how to join in New Markets. You may reach out to us in case of queries.

Is there any annual charges?

Yes, US$ 50 for ecommerce site and back office access. Site. Ecommerce site lets you do selling online across globe where NHT is physically present. However it is waived off if you repurchase certain amount of products or it is life time free if you buy platinum package.

What is Active status (Qualification Status)?

You need to have at least one distributor on both sides (Right & Left) to start receiving commission. Please read more on our Opportunity Overview page.

Can I add my spouse as separate distributor?

Absolutely Yes, company has no reservation like other company to have only one ID for husband and wife. Each individual in your family above 18 years old (depend on specific country age restriction) can join. We have distributors where all family members are working as independent distributors. What is better than entire family working on same goal.

Is one leg is not working then what?

Company follows binary plan and it is required to balance the both legs for cycle commission. However, unlike other companies, your BV (Bonus Volume) on each leg is saved and pass on to next week till the time you accumulate BV from other leg. Hence your money is saved. It is just need a balance of your both legs. Read more in Compensation Plan page.

If there has no monthly purchase then what is AutoShip?

Company has innovative plan to have minimum purchase by you only when you earn. For example, if you earn US$ 250 in one week then 10% of $250 i.e., $25 will be deducted by company and you will get $225 as commission. As an second example, if you earn US$1000 in a week then it will not be 10% of $1000. The maximum deduction is $40 per week irrespective of amount you getting. So in a month it will be maximum deduction of $160. All the money is saved with company and once it reaches $160, company sends you product chosen by you. Hence you win in all situation. No pressure at all.

For any other question, please feel free to reach out to us via Contact page.