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{The four components to keeping your immune system healthy are good nutrition, exercise, breathing, and meditation.
-Ann Boroch

Proper immunity support is key to disease prevention. Our immune systems work hard to keep our bodies healthy and running efficiently, but immune boosting supplements can go further to protect our bodies from illness and optimize health.

At NHT Global, we believe that plenty of antioxidants, good digestion, and peak cellular function are vital to strengthening the immune system.

Immunity Range

ReStor Silver

ReStor Silver is a unique liquid dietary supplement that promotes the body’s natural biologic functions and cellular health. Methyl Jasmonate and other ingredients replenish the body’s amount of Ca2+ATPase, the critical enzyme that controls levels of intra- and extra- cellular calcium. This benefits the entire body and improves muscle function, sleep, and bladder control, while reducing joint & muscle pain and inflammation.

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A pure, high-quality, natural lactose-free whey protein powder manufactured from fresh, sweet dairy whey. Triotein possesses the highest grade of whey protein packed with amino acid substrates our bodies need to stimulate production of intracellular glutathione peroxidase (GSH), our body’s most powerful natural antioxidant. By increasing GSH levels, Triotein helps the body better defend and repair itself against damage caused by free radicals, infection, radiation, cellular toxification, and environmental exposure.

  • Soluble formula with no flavoring, easy to mix into water, milk, juice, yogurt

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Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4

Cordyceps Mycelia CS-4 targets kidney health with a concentrated amount of the precious Chinese herb, Cordyceps Mycelia, combined with Agaricus Blazei to enhance its function. These two mushrooms are held highly in Asia and in Chinese medicine for their superior functions and health benefits, and together provide a rich source of essential amino acids, polysaccharides, adenosine, vitamins, enzymes, and other nutrients. This specialized herbal formula nourishes the liver, improves quality of sleep, reduces fatigue, enhances immunity and constitution, relieves illnesses of the respiratory system, replenishes “qi”, improves blood circulation, promotes physiological balance, and enhances overall health.

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Enhanced Essential Probiotics

Essential Probiotics is a great tasting powder that promotes intestinal health. Essential Probiotics can also strengthen immunity, help peristals in the intestinal tract, improve the pH of the intestines, prevent and alleviate gastrointestinal symptoms, and facilitate the absorption of nutrients. One pouch taken daily following a meal is all that is required to restore balance and health to your intestinal tract.

  • Patented “dual coating technology” for maximum absorption.

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Premuim Noni

NHT Global’s Premium Noni is a reconstituted morinda citrifolia fruit juice, made from 100% organic noni. Our “Triple Charged” blend takes advantage of all components of the noni fruit-- to ensure that maximum nutritional value is preserved. The result? An energizing and refreshing premium fruit juice rich in valuable nutrients & antioxidants that the whole family can share and enjoy.


• Increases energy and vitality, strengthens immunity, boosts mood, helps reduce inflammatory conditions

• NO preservatives Tips

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