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{The best way to detoxify is to stop putting toxic things into the body and depend upon it's own mechanisms
-Andrew Weil

We live in a world full of toxins, waste, pollutants and impurities. They exist in food, products, air, and water, both outdoors and even inside our own homes. For many city dwellers, exposure to these harmful substances has become a normal part of everyday urban life, commonly via cigarette smoke, pesticides, chemicals, and pollution. These put our health at risk as build up inside our bodies can lead to damage and disease if not expelled.

NHT Global offers great herbal formulas that cleanse and purify your body, naturally. In additional to detoxifying, our products can help reset your entire system, promote optimal
organ function, and improve the way you feel.

Detox Range

Cluster X2

Just as water is essential to life, hydration is critical to our health. Cluster X2 is an herbal supplement that uses clustered water technology -- unlike normal, bound water, clustered water takes cellular hydration to a whole new level to help the body better eliminate toxins, transport nutrients, and remove waste. The amount of clustered water in our bodies declines as we age, so taking Cluster X2 daily is a great way to replenish this crucial element and ensure increased and more efficient cellular function, communication, hydration, and health.

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An all natural herbal formula that repairs, strengthens and protects the health of one of our body’s most important organs: the liver. Developed by Chinese herbalist professionals from the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Ltd., this unique and exclusive product features a complex but balanced formula of 8 ingredients, which have been carefully selected to work synergistically and individually for optimal liver support.

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Premium Noni

NHT Global’s Premium Noni is a reconstituted morinda citrifolia fruit juice, made from 100% organic noni. Our “Triple Charged” blend takes advantage of all components of the noni fruit-- to ensure that maximum nutritional value is preserved. The result? An energizing and refreshing premium fruit juice rich in valuable nutrients & antioxidants that the whole family can share and enjoy


• Increases energy and vitality, strengthens immunity, boosts mood, helps reduce inflammatory conditions

• NO preservatives

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